Riverside Water Polo Awards

Each water polo season RWP honors athletes' exceptional work. Distinctive awards are given for exceptional commitment, attitude and play. Below is a list of those awards and the athletes who earned them.

MVP (Dave Almquist Award)
Earn this award with high level of play and eagerness to go the extra mile. Must accomplish this with an outstanding effort during every possession, above average performances, great accomplishments, extraordinary teamwork and an excellent attitude. Helping your team perform at a higher level and reach goals that would not be possible without your effort.

Defensive Award (Finfrock Award)
Earn this award with outstanding defensive skills throughout the season. Demonstrating hard work and attention to detail during practice and have the ability to apply them to every game. Without your defensive commitment, your team would not have had the success it did every scrimmage, game and tournament.

Coach Andrews Award (Coach's Award)
Earn this award with leadership, dedication, desire, respect, responsibility, sportsmanship and an ambition to do everything in your power not only to improve yourself but to make your team better. With commitment to teammates throughout the year, positive attitude, willingness to do what is asked of you and the ability for any coach to depend on you.

Most Improved
Earn this award by exceeding in your development and striving throughout the season to not only improve but to better understand Riverside Water Polo’s system of play. A desire to work hard at every practice, challenge yourself throughout every week and dedication to improve each month will help earn this award.


Team MVP Defensive Award Coach Andrews Award Most Improved
12u Girls Emily Ausmus Sophea Greenawalt Presley Burrell
Nia Pluimer
Sofia Mather
12u Boys Evan Ausmus
Bryce Karger
Davin Ledbetter Lennon Franklin Nate Newman
14u Girls   Alissa Salgado   Lauren Loffelmacher
14u Boys Evan Cain
Garret Griggs
Liam Davidson Bryan Baez
Kenny Byrne
Samuel Koosed
16u Girls Rachel McCarty Kyndall Burrell Hanna Falls-Hand Abby Kishimoto
16u Boys Ethan Saenz
Andrew Serrano
Mason Baez David Romero
Brandon Byrne
Brochton Troutman
18u Girls Sam Shaw Josce Godinez Kerston Corns
Jedi Malouff
Clairah Elswick


Team MVP Defensive Award Coach Andrews Award Most Improved
10u Coed Emily Ausmus
Chandler Burrell
Jada Ward Presley Burrell Savannah Shaw
Jaden Lodi
12u Girls Team Nia Pluimer Sofia Radeka Ariana Coffey
12u Boys Adam Serrano Liam Davidson Evan Ausmus Brody Fezzy
Jack Sigloch
14u Girls Rachel McCarty Alissa Salgado Dani  Cary Kaycie Bradshaw
14u Boys Garret Griggs Jake Goldsberry Riley Hicks Micah Pierce
16u Girls Briana Ruiz Mikaela Phalen Gabby Clark
Dailynn Santoro
Starla Tagactac
Hannah Falls
16u Boys Andrew Serrano
Robert Pluimer
Ethan Saenz Andrew Ruelas Brockton Troutman
18u Girls Samantha Shaw Jayci Burrell
Caitlyn Eno
Josce Godinez Erin McCoy
18u Boys Jonah Saenz Jake Pluimer Jimmy Mitchell Alec Todd


Team MVP Defensive Award Coach Andrews Award Most Improved
10u Coed Evan Ausmus Davin Ledbetter Nia Pluimer
Chandler Burrell
Emily Ausmus
Presley Burrell
12u Boys Garret Griggs Evan Cain
Bryan Baez
Kenny Byrne Sam Koosed
Liam Davidson
14u Girls Jamie Hutton Alissa Salgado
Mikaela Phalen
Rachel McCarty Kyndall Burrell
Celeste Marquez
14u Boys Levi Murtaugh
Andrew Serrano
Brandon Byrne Ethan Saenz Noah Ameur
16u Girls Jedi Malouff Chase Kelly Jayci Burrell Dailynn Santoro
16u Boys Robert Plumier Colin Charbonneau
David Romero
Nick Harris Andrew Ruelas
18u Boys Justin Rohn Jimmy Mitchell Jake Pluimer
Jonah Saenz
Rico Gonzalez


TEAM MVP Defensive
Coach Andrews Award Most
10u Coed Adam Serrano Mason Murphy Brody Fezzey Ethan Kocher
12u Girls Rachel McCarty Kylee Toussaint Riley Dutton Alanna Mitchell
Devon Toussaint
12u Boys Cameron Castro
Garret Griggs
Jacob Goldsberry Samuel Koosed
Matt Hamburger
Evan Cain
14u Girls Madison Stamen Hannah McCarley Makaela Phalen Brianna Ruiz
Briana Peters
14u Boys Andrew Serrano Brandon Byrne Robert Pluimer Levi Murtaugh
HS Girls Claire Fisch Jacky Myers
Tati Ruiz
Sam Malouff
Sam Shaw
Jayci Burrell
HS Boys Jimmy Mitchell Dusty Shaw
Joey Dempsey
Jonah Saenz Blake Coleman


TEAM MVP Defensive Award Coach Andrews Award Most Improved
10u Coed Tommy Dempsey Garret Griggs Kenny Byrne Jack McMahon
12u Girls Madison Stamen Briana Peters
Hannah McCarley
Riley Dutton Kierston Corns
12u Boys Xavier Philip Brandon Byrne Andrew Serrano Andrew Book
14u Girls Claire Fisch Sara Dempsey Anay Ramirez Briana Ruiz
Sam Shaw
14u Boys Ty Stamen Logan Redditt Ahnas Julian Sandoval
16u Boys Jonah Saenz Spencer Dickson Jimmy Mitchell Kyle Christian
18u Boys Blake Winant Trevor Henry Garrett Goldsberry Michael Callahan