Welcome to Riverside Water Polo!

Below you will find several options and detailed information about our Water Polo programs. We have programs for beginners to former collegiate players as well as beginner adult masters. We offer national team level training year-round, while ensuring your athlete learns the many valuable life-long lessons that can ONLY be attained through the physically and mentally demanding team sport of Water Polo.

Upon registering you MUST register with USA Water Polo for a membership.


Splash Ball is focused to help the new athlete (12 years and younger) understand the basic fundamentals of water polo starting with egg-beating. Proper technique of passing and shooting are introduced along with mini scrimmages to help them better understand the game of water polo. Once our coaching staff and Head of Development detemine that they are ready for more of a challenge and are able to demonstrate basic water polo skills well, we graduate them to the 'Futures' program. We have two Splashball classes: Splashball 1 and Splashball 2, but please note that these classes are identical. The only difference are the days/times of practices in order to best work around our athletes' schedules and limit any waitlists. 

1 hour practices, 2x week

5:30pm-6:30pm (Mon/Wed) OR 6:00pm-7:00pm (Tue/Thur) 

Practices are held at RCC


  • Egg-Beater (how we tread water)

  • Passing Form

  • Shooting Form

  • Basic rules (only one hand, trying not to use the bottom, lining up at half after a goal, etc.)

The monthly fee for this program is $90 per month 



This class is for returning Splash Ball athletes who are wanting to advance their water polo skills, but not yet ready to commit to the year-round club program. This class is also open to brand new water polo athletes who are 13 years or older. The Futures class will help to prepare our athletes for success on their age group teams in the year-round club program. 

1/1.5 hour practices, 3x week 

6:30pm- 7:30pm (Tue/Thurs) , 6:30-8:00pm (Wed)

Practices are held RCC


  • Fundamentals
  • Body Control
  • Ball Handling
  • Shooting / Game Tactics

The monthly fee for this program is $120 per month



RWP offers year-round quality training for athletes who are ready to be challenged and compete on a local, state and national platform (6-18 yrs). These athletes attend scrimmages and tournaments, compete in leagues, and attempt to qualify for the National Events such as US Club Championships and National Junior Olympics.

Athletes condition daily, develop fundamentals, learn strategy, and compete with the best athletes in their age division.

1.5/2 hour practices, 4x week

6:00pm - 7:30pm (Mon/Wed) AND 6:00pm-8:00pm (Tues/Thur)

Practices are held at RCC


  • Fundamentals
  • Passing/shooting
  • Conditioning
  • Defense philosophy (wins Championships!)
  • Offense philosophy
  • Counter attack
  • Power play
  • Special game situations
  • Advantages (creating and stopping)
  • Angles (shooting and passing)

*We train for long-term success and long-term development

New athletes MUST have experience in Water Polo prior to joining Year Round

Tournaments and Leagues:

Athletes will attend tournaments and leagues each month. These events can be found on the Events page.

Ages 6-18

The monthly fee for this program is $170 (12u) and $185 (14u-18u) per month (*plus tournament fees). Sibling Discount: 20% off every sibling after the youngest sibling (All fees are per athlete, per month).

Please see the Calendar for practice times and locations.

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